Our Dental Practice Marketing Programs

Marketing your practice can be fun. It can also provide patients comfort while sitting in the chair and protect them after they leave. Here at Happy Dental Patients, we recommend patient gifts, also known as free giveaways, that increase the comfort, loyalty and enjoyment your patients experience when they come to visit your practice.

The giveaways we recommend can be used as part of ongoing programs that are fully customizable and fully scalable. You can get started with a one-off program to test it out. Or, if you want to streamline your marketing and keep in going on a consistent basis, we can create a monthly subscription program that puts your marketing on autopilot.

Here’s how it works...

Each of the programs we offer is based on one or more gifts (AKA free giveaways) that are fully customizable with your practice name, logo, contact information and even a call to action.

Your "Call to Action" is the most important part of your giveaway, and can do any of the following:

  • Invite a patient to learn more about a new or additional service you provide.
  • Invite someone in your community to drop by your office for a free gift or service.
  • Notify patients of changes in hours or services.
  • Ask for a referral or for them to share the gift with a friend.
  • Ask them to connect with you on social media.
  • Serve as a raffle ticket that they’re less likely to lose.
  • And more!

Here are six of our core dental marketing programs that have been proven to create a return on investment

Each program is fully customizable. You can change the giveaway item. You can change the Call to Action on the label. You can change when, where, and how you share the free giveaway.

Happy Dental Patients

GOAL: Happy, Loyal Patients

You want to create a unique experience for your patients that will spark their emotions of happiness, gratitude and trust and inspire loyalty to your practice.

You need your current and future patients to feel comfortable, at ease, taken care of and to know that you and your staff care about their comfort and health.

You probably know there’s more to this “marketing thing” than what you’ve been doing. And you’d love to do more, if you just knew what to do…. and what works.

So, how do you attract and keep happy dental patients?

We recommend a fully customizable and fully scalable strategy that includes exciting marketing programs that are easy to implement, are extremely affordable, and are proven to work for dental practices across the country.

Share with a Friend

GOAL: Get More Referrals

You want to have your current happy dental patients refer your practice to their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, right ? If your strategy is to just sit back and hope your patients do it on their own, you may end up disappointed.

Let us educate you on how set up a dental referral and word of mouth program that includes contests, gifts and dental promotional products that won’t be thrown away like an ordinary referral card.

Community Involvement

GOAL: Increase Goodwill and Brand Awareness in Your Community

You want to be recognized in your community, not just as a dental health provider, but as an active community supporter (while getting new patients and referrals at the same time).

Let us assist you in building goodwill by sponsoring local events using custom branded items to introduce and promote your dental practice.

Promote a New Service

GOAL: Increase Awareness and Purchases of a New or Existing Service

You are looking for ways to increase the frequency of patient visits and increase your revenue from additional services like whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sleep apnea/snoring prevention, TMJ treatment, custom night guards or mouthguards for sports.

We will create a marketing campaign using printed materials and patient giveaways so that the are educated about your complete dental offerings.

Social Media Boost

GOAL: Connect with Patients Online

You want to increase visits and interaction on your social media sites in order to connect with your patients and provide added value to them through your educational, informative and interesting posts.

Our program will do just that - increase visits and interactions by developing contests and offering unique and useful branded promotional products to your patients that promote your social media sites.

Expanding Target Markets

GOAL: Promoting your dental practice to Kids and Baby Boomers

You want to attract the demographics that generate the most revenue for your dental practice. The American Dental Association reports that kids age 0-18 and adults age 55+ generate the most revenue for dental practices.

We can help you grow your dental practice with patients in these age groups with a fully customized and scalable marketing program for your target audience(s).