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Here is what some of our clients have to say about our dental practice building programs

"We have been so pleased with the lip balm that we order for from Luminate Advertising for our patients over the past several years. It makes sense for dentists to give this as a gift to our patients since we spend so much time suctioning and drying their mouths. Luminate does an amazing job making sure our practice logo and phone number are on the label which is fully customizable , so it serves as a great marketing tool for the practice. Our patients ask for it every time they come in and are so pleased with the quality of this product. We choose the breath fresh flavor for our office, because it covers and protects the lips the best, with a great scent and flavor. There is so many varieties and flavors to choose from, its fun to mix it up from time to time. My staff loves the lip balm and they go into a panic when it runs out, because they know the patients will be asking for it! We have been so pleased with Luminate Advertising as well, Mary is professional, responsive and always there to help with our requests! Regards, Matt Rolfson, DDS Castle Pines Dental Care"

Matt Rolfson, DDS,
Castle Pines Dental Care - Castle Rock, CO

"We have been using lip balm from Luminate Advertising for six years and particularly find it very beneficial that the labeling is fully customizable for our practice. It is a simple but very effective method to distribute our name and brand recognition throughout the community. Most importantly, we are helping our patients by promoting the use of a UV protective product for their lips. Our patients request it, and quite frankly, expect it everyday! They love the variety of flavors that we can offer. Marketing wise, we distribute it at many local events in the community including charity events and golf tournaments as examples. Bottom line, the product has been a benefit for our patients and our practice, a “win win.” Sincerely, Jeffrey A. Stang, DDS Standley Shores Dental Group"

Jeffrey A. Stang, DDS,
Standley Shores Dental Group - Westminster, CO